Stendy Solar - Bespoke solar energy systems Waikato, New Zealand
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About Stendy Solar

Based in Raglan, Waikato we are a Kiwi owned business specialising in designing, installing and servicing the very latest solar energy technology.

As industry leading experts for solar powered systems, we are passionate about the environment and delivering innovative solutions for our clients and customers.

We hope that by providing 100% renewable energy systems we can help reduce environmental impact and affect the future of New Zealand.


We specialise in designing a solar energy systems that match your needs. Whether it's reducing your monthly power bill, reducing your environmental impact or increasing the value of your home.


More and more New Zealand businesses opting for solar power to help them meet their sustainability targets while mitigating the risk of electricity price inflation. We can develop a solution that will add value to your business.


Solar power is a great energy solution for farming in New Zealand. We have experience developing solar power systems that can provide clean energy for milking systems, irrigation and crop preservation. Reduce your energy bill and improve your environmental sustainability.

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The benefits of solar power

Solar energy is extremely beneficial – not only for the environment but also financially speaking.

Renewable energy source

As a renewable energy that can be produced everyday, solar power will always be accessible.

Reduce electricity bills

Save money on your electricity bill as some of your energy needs will be fuel by solar power.

Diverse applications

In remote places with limited access to the energy grid, solar power can still provide electricity.

Low maintenance costs

After the initial installation, solar energy systems require very little maintenance and repair work.

Technological development

After the initial installation, solar energy systems require very little maintenance and repair work.

Environmental impact

Solar energy systems can help you meet your sustainability targets by off-setting your carbon emissions.

Stendy Solar work

What our clients say about our work

Stendy Solar news

Stay up to date with the latest Stendy Solar news and energy saving tips.

  • The price of a solar energy system is now far more affordable as the technology is cheaper. Solar energy systems are now far more accessible to New Zealand home and busines

  • The basics of how solar energy systems work are very simple. Solar energy systems harness the sun's radiation and convert it into energy through a solar panel. The converte

  • Each solar PV panel is rated on its peak electrical output. For example, a panel with a 75 watts (W) peak rating (75 Wp) will have an output of 75 W under test conditions.

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